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Dietary & Nutritional Management

Associate in Applied Science

Modes of Instruction

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The Dietary and Nutritional Management Degree prepares students for a promising career as dietary professionals. Students develop skills necessary to educate, advise, and counsel individuals about diet, food, and nutrition with the goal of helping people make healthy food choices void of food myths.


Program Details


Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate impeccable employability skills. 
  • Identify the seven classes of nutrients and the role they play in growth and maintenance of the human body. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to cook a variety of foods properly. 
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the effects of heat on food.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of good personal and workplace hygiene practices.

Students completing this degree must also complete curriculum requirements aligned with General Education Student Learning Outcomes.

Culinary Arts Faculty

Robert Rhymes

Robert Rhymes

Assistant Professor Culinary Arts

Contact Us

Robert Rhymes

Assistant Professor Culinary Arts

Phone  |  618-545-3311

Location  |  Main Campus

Office  |  Fine Arts, A 202C2


Phone  |  618-545-3040

Fax  |  618-545-3393

Location  |  Main Campus

Office  |  Health and Business, HB 100

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