Foreign Language

Associate of Art - Associate of Science - Associate of Applied Science

The study of a language is valuable whether you are majoring in the arts, sciences or business. Many Spanish majors combine their studies with other areas to prepare for career opportunities in international business, government, travel or communication, where knowledge of a foreign language and of foreign culture is essential. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the United States. Studying a foreign language will give you employment advantages over those who are not bilingual.

A variety of careers are available to students who graduate with a bachelor's degree in Spanish including:

  • Foreign Service
  • International Business
  • Government
  • Communication
  • Bilingual/English as a second language teacher
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Health and Medical Professions
  • Social Work
  • Interpreter and Translator


  • SPAN 101: Spanish I
  • SPAN 102: Spanish II
  • SPAN 203: Spanish III
  • SPAN 204: Spanish IV
  • SPAN 150: Career Spanish in the Workplace

General Education Learning Outcomes

  • Cultural Understanding
  • Communication
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