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Heating, Vent & Air Conditioning

A cool career with hot potential! The need for skilled, well-trained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians is predicted to grow as energy costs rise, policy initiatives evolve, and more emphasis is placed on energy efficiency and sustainability. Concern for the environment and an emphasis on cost-efficient, energy-saving appliances will create excellent job prospects for HVAC technicians. A career in HVAC is recession proof as people will always need technicians to install, service and repair heating and cooling systems.

Kaskaskia College's HVAC program will train you in the installation, service and repair of residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems. Through classroom instruction and hands on training you will learn the physical, mechanical, and chemical principles of refrigeration and air conditioning with emphasis on electrical controls and motors.

You will also gain proficiency in blueprint reading, sheet metal construction, proper ventilation, installation, heating and cooling diagnosis and installation of residential and commercial equipment as part of your training. Whether you are looking for an entry level position in the field, or a HVAC professional wanting to enhance their skills, KC's HVAC program is designed to meet your career and training goals.

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Mark Kohnen

Mark Kohnen

Associate Professor of HVAC

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Mark Kohnen

Associate Professor of HVAC

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