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The Theatre Department offers courses that can help students in other courses and in life. Courses range from looking at everything that goes into a theatrical production to actually staging a production. Taking classes in acting and theatre production helps build confidence, cultivate creativity, and improve oral communication skills.


Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students that take theatre courses will be able to understand the collaborative nature of the theatrical experience. 
  • Students that take theatre courses will be able to write a well organized, well developed critique of a theatrical production considering all aspects of the production - scripts, acting, directing, designs, etc. 
  • Students that take theatre courses will develop an appreciation for theatre and understand the importance of the audience in theatre. 
  • Students that take theatre courses will understand and appreciate that the theatre deals with specific and general issues that, in most instances, transcend specific times and places and reach a common ground with all people. 
  • Theatre audiences at our stage productions will find theatre a dependable source of pleasure, laughter, tears, and companionship in an uncertain world. Audiences can relate to a play's human significance, social significance, artistic qualities, and entertainment value.

Gen Ed Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of Diversity

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David Quinn

David Quinn

Professor of Speech/Theatre
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