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Modes of Instruction

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Launch Your Career in Entertainment or Any Field

The Theatre Program at Kaskaskia College launches students' careers in the entertainment industry.

We develop skills that can apply to any career. For example, are you considering a business career? Then let us tell you how performance skills can wow investors. Schedule an appointment today by emailing Professor McCarty at the email address below.

Hands-on Experience

At Kaskaskia College, students work onstage or backstage in productions with the community. Students take courses that provide a solid foundation to transfer to any four-year University.

Students develop core skills that are sought after in any industry. If you want to be in engaging classes, schedule an appointment with an advising today and say you want to take theatre courses.

Courses Offered

DRMA 111: Theatre Appreciation

DRMA 112: Acting 1

DRMA 210: Theatre History

KC theatre students will also take Speech, English, and Music courses.

Real World Skills

By participating in productions and taking classes, students learn transferable skills, such as improvisation, coming up with answers under pressure, active listening, memorization, adaptability, teamwork, and time management.

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Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and explain all elements of a live stage production.
  • Identify and define the contributions of everyone involved in a theatre production.

Gen Ed Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Communication
  • Research Skills
  • Understanding of Diversity

Theatre Faculty

Kevin McCarty

Kevin McCarty

Assistant Professor Speech/Theatre
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