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Philosophy is the foundation of the academy. Courses in philosophy explore themes of existence, knowledge, morality, and truth to integrate human experience and understanding into a coherent whole. At Kaskaskia College, philosophy classes challenge students to think critically about their selves and the world while preparing students for a fulfilling life and career. Students who study philosophy go on to advanced study in philosophy, law, business, and many other fields. Students who major in philosophy consistently rank amongst the top performers on graduate and law school admissions tests. For more information on the advantages of studying philosophy, check out the "Philosophy is a Great Major" webpage.


PHLE 110: Logic

PHLE 119: Core Values & Ethical Decision Making

PHLE 120: Ethics

PHLE 121: Introduction to Philosophy

PHLE 125: Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

PHLE 201: Professional Ethics for Engineers

PHLE 205: Eastern Philosophy

Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply key philosophical distinctions including premises/conclusions, truth/evidence, fact/value, consequentialism/deontology, theism/atheism/pantheism/agnosticism and others as appropriate. 
  • Identify and explain key figures and concepts in the history of Western philosophy. 
  • Write philosophical essays that advance a thesis while developing an argument that is sensitive to historical issues and objections. 
  • Explain the value of philosophy for society, their individual lives, and their personal interests.

Courses in this discipline align with the college’s General Education Student Learning Outcomes.


Scott Crothers

Scott Crothers

Associate Professor Philosophy
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