Strategic Planning

Strategic planning at Kaskaskia College is guided by our mission statement along with our vision and core values. Everything we do at Kaskaskia College is done to accomplish this mission.

Strategic Planning Documents

Institutional Strategic Plan

The institutional strategic plan of Kaskaskia College provides a framework for operations and continuous improvement as guided by our mission, vision, and core values. During the development of the strategic plan, an analysis of available data is conducted to determine the major institutional goals we hope to achieve for the effective strategic planning cycle. For each institutional goal, more specific strategies, known as strategic priorities, are detailed to guide the annual planning process. 

Ancillary Plans

Aligning with our strategic plan, identified key functional areas also have long-term plans that are specific to the college’s operational needs. This includes a Master Facilities and Improvement Plan, an Information Technology Plan, and a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan. These plans are maintained by designated groups or committees and both inform and are informed by the institutional strategic plan. 

Annual Planning Process

The implementation of the strategic plan occurs primarily through the annual planning process. Every fiscal year, all divisions of Kaskaskia College (Executive, Instructional Services, Student Services, Administrative Services, Institutional Support and Technology) collaborate and determine which action items and projects they will work on for that year to advance our progress in meeting our institutional goals and strategic priorities. These action items and projects are then linked to the college’s annual budgeting process.

Institutional Goals and Strategic Priorities

For the next strategic planning cycle (2023-2028), five institutional goals were developed by the Strategic Planning Council and approved by the Board. To achieve these more overarching goals, more specific strategic priorities have been developed.

Institutional Goals and Strategic Priorities


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