Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process at Kaskaskia College is driven by the institutional mission, vision, and core values. From these foundational footprints, institutional goals are determined that will serve as the catalyst to develop and implement the College’s strategic plan, to which all strategic priorities, ancillary plans, and action items are aligned.

Institutional Strategic Plan

The institutional strategic plan of Kaskaskia College provides a framework for operations and continuous improvement. Development of the plan is a collaborative effort led by the Quality Council, with faculty, staff, and students involved in the process. The Quality Council Steering Committee is responsible for ongoing updates and maintenance of the strategic plan. From the strategic plan, annual operating plans are developed per fiscal year by Quality Council Planning Teams.

In addition to the strategic plan, ancillary plans are developed as needed. Examples include the Master Information Technology Plan, Master Facilities and Improvement Plan, and the Assessment Plan. These ancillary plans both inform and are informed by the strategic plan.

Institutional Goals

Four institutional goals were developed by internal and external stakeholders as a result of direct feedback and analysis of institutional data.

Strategic Priorities

Criteria used in prioritization is based upon: alignment with the college mission, core values and four institutional goals, legal requirements, health/life/safety, budget impact/ source, environment, learning necessity, and stakeholder service/use. The priorities enhance the College’s ability to make data informed decisions. The strategic planning framework facilitates an open, transparent, shared process for annual resource allocation recommendations and program activity changes.

Six strategic priorities were developed containing multiple action items and benchmark targets to be achieved by 2023.

Strategic priorities

Annual Plan

Implementation of the Strategic Plan occurs primarily through the annual planning process. Action items are developed by planning teams per fiscal year based on the Strategic Priorities to carry out the Strategic Plan. The Annual Plan is informed by institutional data (e.g. Assessment Data, Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) and ancillary plans such as the Master Facilities and Improvement Plan, Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, etc.)

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