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Carpentry Occupations

The Carpentry Occupations Program at Kaskaskia College exists to prepare students for a career in the construction industry as a carpenter. The job title carpenter encompasses many work areas performed by carpenters but may be listed under a separate designation. Millwright, roofer, insulation worker, solar photovoltaic installer, drywall and ceiling installer, flooring installer, finish carpenter, and piledriver are all subtitles of work done by specialized carpenters and are covered in union contracts as part of the carpenters’ work description.

All of these tasks require similar skills and knowledge of materials and techniques. Expertise in these skills and knowledge can lead to other areas of employment within the construction industry and prepares students for further study in areas such as cost estimation, project management, building inspectors, and architectural studies. The Carpentry Occupations Program requires dedication to learning and understanding all aspects of building dynamics through the field and hands-on experience.

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