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Having educated students since 2000, KC’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program (DGMS) provides opportunities to gain skills in the abdomen, small parts, and ob/gyn sonography to use as an entry-level sonographer in hospitals, clinics, and mobile services. If you are independent, imaginative, and creative and want a challenge, then the KC Sonography program might be what you are looking for.

All DGMS applicants must have graduated from a two-year allied health program or have a bachelor’s degree and fulfill course prerequisites. Bachelor degree students need to complete Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) prior to acceptance or have completed courses directly related to patient care. Contact the DGMS Program Coordinator for approval of courses. All two-year allied health program applicants must show proof of national certification and bachelor's degree students must show proof of CNA license.

The program is an occupational program consisting of 3 ½ semesters of didactic, labs, and clinical education beginning each fall semester. The program prepares students for entry-level employment. Graduates receive a certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

The program is a cooperative effort between the program and imaging facilities, hospitals in South Central to Southern Illinois, and hospitals in neighboring states.

Employment opportunities exist in hospitals, clinics, mobile companies, and physician offices. Program graduates may have success finding career opportunities throughout the country.

Kaskaskia College participates in the Comprehensive Agreement Regarding Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER). Students who reside in a community college district that does not offer a Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program may apply to the Kaskaskia College Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program for the in-district tuition rate. Students wishing to take advantage of the CAREER option must contact their home community college district and request a letter designating them as participants in an approved program. Upon receipt of that letter, Kaskaskia College will charge the student in-district fees.

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What You Can Do

  • Entry-level Sonographer

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Faculty

Cynthia Hoffmann

Cynthia Hoffmann

Professor Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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Professor Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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