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Economics is the branch of social science that studies how individuals, businesses, and governments choose to use limited or scarce resources in the effort to meet the demand for things they want to consume. It considers the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services at the governmental, corporate, and individual levels.

Economics courses examine how human behavior, beliefs, structures, constraints, and needs impact economic decision making. As a student in these courses, you will study theories such as supply and demand, competition and monopoly, and market equilibrium, among many others. A strong knowledge of economics allows you to analyze and understand current market trends and economic structures within society and help you to become a more well-informed participant in the political process.

Additional courses in general studies are required each semester. Please contact the advisement office for more information about degree requirements.

Economics Careers

A major in Economics will prepare students for employment in business and government. Economics is also an excellent major for students who plan on graduate study in law, business, or any of the social sciences. A minor in Economics is excellent for those who are majoring in any of the social sciences or a business-related field.

Economics Courses:

ECON 205: Principles of Economics I

ECON 206: Principles of Economics II

Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the theories, tools, and methods of economic analysis 
  • Identify and describe the major economic institutions and their operation and inter-relationships 
  • Apply economic principles to the analysis of economic problems and policies 
  • Analyze those aspects of human behavior relating to economic problems 
  • Describe the different economic systems around which societies organize themselves to deal with economic problems

Courses in this discipline align with the college’s General Education Student Learning Outcomes.

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