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Students can broaden their knowledge of the study of society, including the rules, interactions, and cultural patterns that organize everyday life. Courses in Sociology include the analysis of social conflict, the structure, and function of institutions, the dynamics of individual and group interactions, social stratification, and interactions among diverse groups of people. Prerequisite: Students must qualify for ENGL 101 before registering for this class. SOCO 101 is an IAI articulated course which means it is transferable.


SOCO 101: Introduction to Sociology

SOCO 202: Social Problems

SOCO 252: Marriage and the Family


Program Details

Discipline Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the three basic sociological theories and their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Apply the basic sociological research techniques. 
  • Apply the concepts of culture and its components. 
  • Define basic sociological vocabulary in describing everyday life.

Courses in this discipline align with the college’s General Education Student Learning Outcomes.


Sarah Foley

Sarah Foley

Assistant Professor Sociology
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