Success Stories

Makayla Karrick

“I would recommend KC to others because it is a great place to start.”


“KC has the versatility and flexibility that allows the student to choose their own path and adapt as they go.”

Hannah Hoffmann

“I want to have an incredible impact on children just like some of my favorite teachers had on me.”

KC Graduate Sarah Kreke

“At KC, I felt like an important member of the community instead of just another face.”

KC Alumn Brock Styninger

“I heard great things about Professor Ken Ingersoll and he and the program exceeded my expectations”

KC Alumni Jacob Kampwerth

“Mr. Hofelich helped me on my road to becoming a civil engineer.”

Nick Harre standing by wall

“The dairy science program rivals that of 4-year institutions.”

Megan Diekemper

“When I look back on my time at KC, I am thankful. I made lifelong friends and connections. This program and instructors went above and beyond to set me up for my professional career.”

Lindsey Utech

“One of my accounting professors had such a passion for accounting it honestly inspired me to pursue a career in accounting.”

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