These courses prepares the registered Radiologic Technologist for entry-level employment in the field of mammography.  These courses have been approved by the ARRT to satisfy the required 16 hours of dedicated education to be eligible to take the Mammography Registry.

All courses are set up on an individual basis.  Contact Mimi Polczynski for more information.


*XRAY 230 Breast Anatomy & Patient Care .5 credits

*XRAY 231 Breast Pathology/Breast CA/Detection Procedures .5 credits

*XRAY232 Breast Pos Tech & Intervention Pro .5 credits

*XRAY233 Mammographic Equipment/Technique Application .5 credits

X-Ray 220 Mammography Clinicals 5.5 credits

*Online courses

Radiology Faculty

Mimi Polczynski

Mimi Polczynski

Director of Radiologic Technology
Sharon Elwood

Sharon Elwood

Associate Professor of Radiologic Technology
Candace Sloat

Candace Sloat

Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology
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