Agriculture Business

Career & Technical Certificate

Modes of Instruction

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The Agriculture Business option at Kaskaskia College emphasizes the business side of agriculture. This option includes courses in sales, management, and finance, in addition to preparing the student to pursue a career or advanced degree.


What you can do

Students who complete the Agriculture Business Certificate will have skills pto work in the fallowing careers.

  • Agriculture sales
  • Management
  • Finance

Program Details


Agriculture Faculty

Aaron Heinzmann

Aaron Heinzmann

Professor Agriculture
William Waggoner

William Waggoner

Associate Professor Agriculture

Agriculture Contacts

Aaron Heinzmann

Professor Agriculture

Phone  |  618-545-3381

Location  |  Main Campus

Office  |  Agriculture Ed. Center, AEC 110A


Phone  |  618-545-3040

Fax  |  618-545-3393

Location  |  Main Campus

Office  |  Health and Business, HB 100

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