Scott Crothers

Assistant of Professor Philosophy

Scott Crothers
Main Campus
Health and Business, HB 208

Year Hired

Ph. D. Philosophy, St. Louis University, 2011
M.A. Philosophy, St. Louis University, 2009
Graduate studies in physics, Miami University of Ohio, 2004-2005
B.S. Physics, Greenville College, 2004

Awards & Recognitions
2007 St. Louis University Outstanding Faculty Award
2017 Kaskaskia College Horizon Award Winner

Student Organizations
Student Congress Sponsor

What are your goals as a teacher at Kaskaskia College?  By studying philosophy, students develop their reasoning skills while grappling with the most important ideas of Western civilization, ideas that continue to shape our lives and world. My primary goal is to guide students through this struggle with great ideas so that students may develop into fully engaged, responsible citizens who understand their intellectual heritage and can contribute to the common good.

What did you do before you began teaching at Kaskaskia College?  Before beginning my teaching career at Kaskaskia College, I was a graduate instructor and Ph. D. student in philosophy at St. Louis University. Prior to that, I conducted graduate-level studies in physics at Miami University of Ohio.  My interest in philosophy was sparked by thinking about the interpretation of modern physical cosmology.  Should we interpret these theories as useful fictions or accurate representations of an underlying reality?  This fundamental question led me to the philosophical debate over scientific realism and, from there, to the long history of philosophical inquiry on this topic.

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