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What Do Successful Salon Professionals Have to Say About Us?

The Kaskaskia College Cosmetology Program beautifully surpassed my expectations for a cosmetology school. Being able to attend a school with a full campus was one of my favorite parts. The instructors are experienced, supportive, and inspiring. They created a fun and encouraging environment by giving their full attention to the students and topics of education. I learned so much more than how to cut and color hair; I learned the science and history behind hair, skin, and nails. I have a full understanding of the laws and regulations I need to follow to secure my career, as well as a bright future. I accepted a full-time stylist position in a salon in my area immediately following my certification. I felt more than prepared for all my tests, and I am ready to take on any challenge in the salon. The Kaskaskia College Cosmetology program made me confident, knowledgeable, and motivated me to earn money doing what I love. I would highly recommend the cosmetology program at KC to anyone looking to go above and beyond the requirements. The program includes everything from business plans to perms. I absolutely loved my time there!
- Sylvia Adler, Hairstylist at 5021 Studio, Evansville, IN

My name is Mandi Povolish & I'm the owner of Final Cut in Nashville, IL. I've just started by 17th year in the business! My time at KC was such a great experience. At KC, I learned everything needed to make me a successful business owner. I had to practice every skill over and over until it was salon-perfect, and I've carried that professional detailing with me ever since. This school is exceptional at balancing the practical applications with the book work. I first learned why it was important to complete services in a certain way, and then I learned the hands-on of how to do those services correctly. We were never left to fend for ourselves, our instructors helped us every step along the way. They weren't about making money off of the students in the clinic. They wanted us to learn to do things the right way. I felt very prepared to go out into the field. 8 years after I graduated, I bought my own salon and the majority of the stylists working for me are also KC Cosmetology graduates. Stylists in my salon who have had education elsewhere have had to have the rest of us re-teach them almost everything. I only recommend KC Cosmetology to prospective students....I run a very busy salon and am thriving and am extremely blessed to have had KC as my starting point.
- Mandi Povolish, Owner/Stylist at Final Cut, Nashville, IL

Kaskaskia was honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me. I never knew that at 20 I would be able to afford a nice car, a house, vacations, and all of the expensive makeup I could dream of. I am able to support my husband and I..and our dog..while he is laid off. Going to school at KC Cosmetology taught me everything I needed to know to be successful. It taught me to work as hard as I possibly can, and with that knowledge I am able to be where I am today and I'm only going up from here. It is an amazing feeling to be sought after by businesses in my hometown because of where I went to school and because of the ways I was taught to market myself. I couldn't be more thankful or happier with my decision to go to Kaskaskia College Cosmetology. It's a wonderful program with wonderful people and I'm forever grateful for my time there
- Logan Lutes, Stylist at Tru Design, Highland, IL

My year at KC was nothing short of the most stressful, but wonderful time of my life. When I look back, it was so worth it knowing that I got the best education I could. My instructors knew the more they pushed me the better I could be, and I wanted to be nothing less than perfect when it came to my skills. They brought out the best in me and showed me that even if you can't get it the first time then you will do it until it's right. I knew, and the people looking to employ me knew, KC Cosmetology Grads are the first choice because we are trained to be our absolute best everyday with no excuses. Now, not even a year later I am proud to say that I am so happy with where I am at professionally and I give all my thanks to the staff at KC Cosmetology that made me this way.
- Maddie Nickerson, Stylist at Tru Design, Highland, IL

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