Mark Kohnen

Associate Professor of HVAC

Mark Kohnen
Crisp Technology Center, CRP 106A

Year Hired

Associate Degree in Arts and HVAC

Professional Affiliations
Treasurer of KC Faculty Union
Board of Education Member of Germantown Grade School

What are your goals as a teacher at Kaskaskia College? My goals are to teach each and every student fairly and with passion so that they can become a well-rounded mechanic.

How do you inspire your students to learn? I inspire students to learn by showing them a driving force and a passion for the trade. Being a well-rounded employee will ultimately make the students a more valuable employee, thus making more money and having more benefits in addition to having good work ethics and morals.

How does learning in HVAC prepare students personally and professionally? I believe any discipline will help a student to achieve better work ethic. Work ethics is a major part in being successful in this trade. You have to have good morals and a passion for what you do.

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