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Geospatial Essentials

Career & Technical Certificate

Modes of Instruction

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The Geospatial Essentials certificate is an important vehicle for gaining knowledge and skills in working with GIS software and spatial data, as a means of preparing for a career in this fast-growing field.

Geospatial techniques are used to aid in decision making in fields as diverse as business, marketing, homeland security, public policy, environment, engineering, public health, archeology, and criminal justice by identifying patterns between graphical information (maps) and data.


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Geospatial Technology Faculty

Bruce Fink

Bruce Fink

Professor Biological Sciences

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Bruce Fink

Professor Biological Sciences

Phone  |  618-545-3305

Location  |  Main Campus

Office  |  Administration, AD 111A


Phone  |  618-545-3040

Fax  |  618-545-3393

Location  |  Main Campus

Office  |  Health and Business, HB 100

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