Information Security Analysis

Associate in Applied Science

Modes of Instruction

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The Information Security Analysis degree will support students desiring to enter the exciting Information Technology (IT) field of incident response and incident handling.

The Information Security Analysis degree will provide the mechanisms for success in the career field and also provide opportunities for bridging to university for Bachelor seeking students.

Information Security Analysis differs from Cyber Defense as professionals working in this field respond to incidents as a direct result of a breach in security, data compromise, data theft, and or forms of hacking attacks.

Professionals working in Information Security Analysis are able to track the source of unauthorized access, reclaim data assets, provide supporting documentation to law enforcement agencies in order to successfully prosecute cybercrimes in a court of law, and works to identify entry points which lead to the compromise in order to identify how the attack was achieved.

30% estimated growth in job availability for this exciting field according to the WIA 2012-2022 database!

What You Can Do

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Assurance Analyst


Program Details


Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze information and data sets with accuracy and effectiveness. 
  • Demonstrate ability to track and identify when a breach or unauthorized event has occurred within a network system and or computing-based devices. 
  • Exhibit the skill set to adequately manage a security breach through advanced processes in order to successfully recognize the event and identify what has been affected.

Students completing this degree must also complete curriculum requirements aligned with General Education Student Learning Outcomes.

Computer Information Technology Faculty

Angenien Huffstutler

Angenien Huffstutler

Associate Professor Computer Information Technology
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