Dental Assisting

Associate in Applied Science

Modes of Instruction

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KC's Associate in Applied Science Degree in Dental Assisting will prepare you to pursue further your education in the field of dentistry. The associate degree classes have been designed to complete most of the required general education classes for a dental hygiene program.

Note: A felony conviction could affect an applicant’s ability to sit for the Dental Assisting National Board.

Students who complete the Dental Assisting degree will have the skills and knowledge to have a successful career as Dental Assistants.

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Program Details


Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • The students will demonstrate the knowledge of an entry level dental assistant. 
  • The students will master dental theory. 
  • The students will gain and exhibit awareness of professionalism in an ethical safe, and effective manner.

Dental Assisting Faculty

Lori Schmidt

Lori Schmidt

Dental Assisting Coordinator
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