Cynthia Hoffmann

Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Cynthia Hoffmann
Main Campus
Health and Professional Careers, PC 120

Year Hired

Associate Applied Science in Radiologic Technology - Kaskaskia College
Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Master of Science in Education Workforce Education and Development -  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Student Organizations
KC Sonography Club

Professional Affiliations
Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Abdomen and Obstetrics & Gynecology by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
Registered Radiologic Technologist by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
Member of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Member of the American Society of Radiologic Technology

Why did you choose Kaskaskia College? There were very few sonography courses or programs in the area when I was learning sonography. I decided to travel to Mobile, AL to learn the basics of sonography and use those skills as a sonographer at a local hospital. I had an opportunity to work with Kaskaskia College in the Radiology Program and then we worked together to incorporate a certificate program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Working with administration and the Radiology Program, we were able to develop a certificate program that provided a need to our area where there was no training or skill development for sonography. I am proud to have been a key component and very fortunate that Kaskaskia College saw a need for this profession and provided the opportunity to develop diagnostic medical sonographers!

If we had a chance to talk with any of our former students, what would they tell us about you and your classes?  Past graduates would remember analogies that were presented in class to better understand physics concepts. I try to gather a little bit of background information from each student and use their experiences to aid in understanding of difficult concepts. When I see students on days when the weather was less than perfect for driving and snow or ice had developed, they each remember oblique incidence and how their car changed direction when they slid on the ice!

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