Cosmetology FAQs

What are the days and times of your classes?

Class times are Monday – Thursday from 8am until 4:30pm. We follow the college schedule and observe college holidays and breaks.

How long is the program and when do new classes start?

The program is 11 months long and classes start 3 times each year in January, June & August.

Does the Cosmetology program qualify for Financial Aid?

Yes, Cosmetology is a FAFSA qualifying program. Students complete the application and go through the FAFSA process to see if they qualify.

How do I apply to the Cosmetology Program?

Cosmetology is a special admissions program. This advantage allows instructors to have contact with their students from the beginning. To begin the registration process, email Kelli Malone.

Are there any pre-requisite classes to get into the cosmetology program?

There are no pre-requisite classes, however prospective students must take a placement test (no charge) to make sure they can read and write at the same level as the textbook we use. Current ACT scores can be used in place of the placement test.

What’s the difference between the certificate and the degree?

In 11 months you will earn a Certificate in Cosmetology. Many students choose to continue their education and earn their Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Cosmetology. The associate degree option is an extra 21 credits. Many of those classes are offered online and at one of the college’s convenient extension centers in the evenings, allowing certificate graduates the flexibility to work in the salon while they are earning that degree part-time.

Q - What if I have other questions about the Cosmetology Program?

A - Email Ms. Kelli will reply back to you quickly!

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