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Perkins Grant

A student is eligible for Perkins Special Populations Program if the student is enrolled in a career program, has the intent of entering the workplace immediately following the receipt of a degree or certificate in the career program, and possesses one or more of the following traits. The trait(s) possessed determines the type of services for which one is eligible.

  1. ECONOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED: An economically disadvantaged student is one who receives financial aid based on need. Financial aid based on need includes: Federal Pell Grant, Public Aid, WIA, ILA, and Map grant.
  2. DISABLED: A disabled student is one who is physically, mentally, emotionally, learning, and/or developmentally disabled/impaired. A disabled student may be identified by the student himself on the Perkins Student Support Project Survey, the Department of Human Resources - Office of Rehabilitative Services, and/or campus service providers.
  3. NONTRADITIONAL: A nontraditional student is enrolled in a program in which 25% or less of that program's enrollment is of the same gender as the student or if a student has been out of school for a while and is seeking a degree in a Career and Tech field. (For example: a woman in the automotive program or a man in the nursing program.)
  4. LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENCY (LEP): A LEP student is one who was not born in the United States, comes from an environment where a language other than English is dominant, is American Indian or Alaskan Native and comes from an environment where a language other than English has had a significant impact on the level of English Language proficiency; and by reason thereof, has sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language as to deny such individual the opportunity to learn successfully in a classroom where the language of instruction is English or to participate fully in our society.
  5. SINGLE PARENT: This student is a single parent with dependent children who reside with that student. Single pregnant women are included in this category.
  6. DISPLACED HOMEMAKER: This is a student who:
    1. has worked primarily without remuneration for care for a home and family, for that reason has diminished marketable skills;
    2. has been dependent on the income of another family member but is no longer supported by that income;
      is a parent whose youngest dependent will become ineligible to receive assistance under Part A of Title IV of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 601 et seq.) not later than 2 years after the date on which the parent applies for assistance under this title; and
    3. is unemployed or underemployed and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.

Perkins Contact Information

To find out if you might qualify for Perkins Grant assistance or just to find out more.

Patricia Mefford

Phone  |  618-545-3067

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