Award Letters

An announcement letter listing your financial aid will be sent to you after your file has been completed and your financial need determined. New announcement letters are not automatically sent when enrollment status changes.

Your announcement letter will include an estimated cost of attendance budget. Please be reminded that these estimates are not charges to you but are an estimate of attendance charges for use in determining educational need.

1. Budget Adjustments - A student’s budget can be adjusted for dependent care if the student is paying for dependent care expenses. Documentation is required to claim dependent care. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for a Dependent Care Form. Computer costs may be considered if the program of study mandates the purchase of a computer.

2. Unusual Circumstances - If a student or a student’s family has unusual circumstances, such as death, divorce, unemployment, or medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance, contact the Office of Financial Aid and request a Special Circumstances Appeal Form.

Overawards - When financial aid received is greater than the Cost of Attendance, aid must be reduced in the following order: 1) Loans, 2) Work Study, 3) Scholarships, and 4) Grants.

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