Below is an explanation of some of the grants provided by the Federal Department of Education and the State of Illinois to student who qualify.

Federal Pell Grant

Gift aid based on need. The federal government and your enrollment status calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The Pell Grant may cover tuition, fees, books, supplies and miscellaneous expenses. After tuition and fees are deducted from your Federal Pell Grant, you may purchase textbooks and supplies related to your coursework through the campus store. No books can be charged after the fourth week of classes. If you have any remaining funds a refund will be issued through Bank Mobile after the eighth week of class.  If you do not set up a Bank Mobile refund account, a check will be mailed from Bank Mobile to the address you have on file with Admissions.  Make sure this address is correct.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Students who have eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant may be considered for this grant. Due to limited funds, priority is given to students with exceptional need who have completed their financial aid files early. FSEOG will first be applied to any tuition and fees owed the college. Refund disbursement policies are the same as for the Federal Pell Grant.

Program (MAP) Grant

This award is based on need and Illinois residency of at least one year prior to the beginning of the academic year. The information you reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) academic year serves as your application for the need-based Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant through the State of Illinois. Funds are appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly each year to help Illinois students pay for tuition and mandatory fees at Illinois MAP-approved colleges.* The MAP grant is not a loan, so it does not have to be repaid. Use of this grant means that you understand and agree to maintain all eligibility requirements. If you fail to do so, you may no longer receive grant funds.

The MAP grant can only be used to cover tuition and mandatory fees at Illinois MAP-approved colleges. Mandatory fees are those charged to all students each year or term. They do not include application fees, laboratory, breakage, add/drop fees, etc. For community college students, the grant is limited to the in district tuition and mandatory fees. Out-of-district applicants must make arrangements to pay the additional college costs. The MAP grant does not pay for audit courses, credit-by-examination, life experience, or noncredit courses. Such course work cannot be used to determine enrollment status

Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG)

This grant covers tuition and certain fees for courses taken at state funded institutions by Veterans who were residents of Illinois prior to and after military service, who served at least one year of active duty and who received an honorable discharge. If you are eligible to receive IVG, you may not receive MAP.

Illinois National Guard Grant (ING)

Enlisted officers or company grade officers of Illinois National Guard units with one or more years of service may be eligible for payment of tuition and certain fees at state universities and colleges in Illinois. The eligibility for the Illinois National Guard educational assistance has to be renewed each academic year. If you are eligible to receive ING, you may not receive MAP.

Perkins Grant

The Perkins Grant is available to students enrolled in a Career & Technical Education Program.  The grant can help students with books, supplies and gas cards based on qualifications.  Click here for more information.

WIOA Grant (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

The Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides funding for students enrolled in a Career and Technical Education Program who qualify based on their household income.  The WIOA grant can pay for tuition, books, and fees to those that qualify.  Click here for more information.

WEI (Workforce Equity Initiative)

Kaskaskia Colleges Workforce Equity Initiative: (WEI) program provides African Americans and other racially minoritized persons with the resources they need to compete in todays working world, all completely FREE. WEI will have you trained and job-ready in less than a year, in one of several certificate programs available to participants.  Click here for more information.

PATH (Pipeline for the Advancement of the Health Care Workforce)

The Pipeline for the Advancement of the Health Care Workforce Program (PATH) provides students with the resources to begin a new career in healthcare or continue their current healthcare career with additional certificates or licensures.

The PATH grant aims to create, support, and expand opportunities for individuals in health science programs, allowing them to earn credentials or degrees and advance their careers. The grant will also help address the shortage of qualified professionals in the healthcare industry.  Click here for more information.

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