What kind of loans can I get at KC?

Student Loans are offered through the preferred lenders, Sallie Mae and Commerce Bank. You may also borrow from private banks and other lending institutions if you prefer. The interest rates, repayment options, and terms may vary depending on which lender you choose to use. You may also need to provide a credit worthy co-signer in order to qualify for a student loan or to receive a lower interest rate through one of these preferred lenders.


  1. Steps before applying for a Student Loan
  2. Steps to apply for an Outside Loan
    • Choose a lender
    • Sallie Mae
    • Commerce Bank
    • Students may also seek out private banks or lending institutions of their choice, in this scenario however, the loan funds would be sent directly to the student and not through Kaskaskia College. Examples of other private lenders could include US Bank, First National Bank, GTSB Bank, FCB Bank etc.
  3. If you are a first-time borrower with Kaskaskia College, you will need to attend a First-Time Loan seminar after being approved for a student loan
    • Follow up with Financial Aid Office to make sure Loan was certified
    • 618-545-3080 Steps after you’ve graduated, withdrawn, or dropped below 6 credit hours if you have previously had a Direct Loan through the Department of Education
    • Complete Online Exit Counseling with StudentLoans.gov


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