Personal & Vocational Relationships

Course Overview

Course Code: PRNU-161

Department: Practical Nursing

Credit Hours: 1.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

This course is designed to discuss the historical development and modern trends of nursing. Different nursing care patterns, roles of members of the health care team, and various health care agencies will be discussed. Examination of the legal implications of practical nursing practice, licensure, importance of professional organizations, continuing education, and methods of finding, obtaining, and maintaining employment will be incorporated. Communication and interpersonal skills will be stressed. Prerequisite: Minimum grade of "C" in all first and second semester PRNU courses, PSYH 100, or Consent of Associate Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences

Course Schedule


Term: Fall 2023 (Late Starting)

Section Name: PRNU-161-HY88D

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 17

Faculty Name: K. Storm

Min Credits: 1.00


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