Business Statistics

Course Overview

Course Code: MATH-248

Department: Mathematics

Credit Hours: 4.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

This course includes the basic concepts of statistical analysis used in business decision making, including probability and how uncertainty is dealt with in real life. The student will analyze and work out simple problems and should be able to recognize applications of different statistical techniques, interpret the results of analyses, and recognize instances in which statistical techniques have been misused. The following concepts and statistical techniques are included: measures of central tendency and variability; random variables and probability distributions; binomial, normal and sampling distributions; estimation; tests of hypothesis; chi square tests; linear regressions and correlation; and one-way analysis of variance. Prerequisite: Math 134 or Placement with a grade of C or better.

Course Schedule


Term: Spring 2023

Section Name: MATH-248-MC01D

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 16

Faculty Name: J. Spihlmann

Min Credits: 4.00


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