Introduction to Ultrasound Lab

Course Overview

Course Code: DGMS-223

Department: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Credit Hours: 2.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

This course is designed for the first year DGMS student. This course introduces the student to sonographic scanning techniques while scanning in different body imaging planes. This course is a scanning lab consisting of 8 weeks of preparation for the student to be able to transition to an approved clinical facility. Prerequisite: A graduate of an accredited two year AMA or AMA equivalent allied health education program that is patient care related (includes but not limited to radiology, nursing, respiratory, occupational or physical therapy) or with approval of instructor or Academic Dean.

Course Schedule


Term: Fall 2024

Section Name: DGMS-223-HY77D

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 2

Faculty Name: C. Hoffmann, J. Tally

Min Credits: 2.00

Comments: 6 hour lab times will be assigned for Tuesdays or Thursdays. This class is for accepted DGMS students only.

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