Payroll and Business Taxes

Course Overview

Course Code: ACCT-142

Department: Accounting

Credit Hours: 3.00

A comprehensive study of the business records needed to meet the requirements of the various federal and state laws such as the following: the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the federal unemployment law, state unemployment compensation, and the federal and state income tax withholding laws. The course provides a foundation in payroll and personnel records and in the computation of wages and the accounting for wages paid and deductions made.

Course Schedule


Term: 2020SP

Section Name: ACCT-142-OL88D

Location: Online

Available Seats: 20

Faculty Name: D. Michael

Min Credits: 3.00

Comments: The Bookstore Fee (BKFEE) covers the cost of digital materials for this class, which will be available through Blackboard the first day of class. There is no physical textbook required for this class. An email with additional information will be sent to the student email of those student who register for the class.

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