Cory Wellen

Assistant Professor of Welding

Cory Wellen
Crisp Technology Center, CRP 115

Year Hired

Associates Degree
Certified Welding Inspector
Certified Welding Educator

Awards & Recognitions 
6th Place in the 2003 VICA skills state Welding competition
2015 Kaskaskia College Adjunct Instructor of the Year

Professional Affiliations
Member of the American Welding Society

What are your goals as a teacher at Kaskaskia College? As a teacher here at Kaskaskia College I aim to develop welders that I myself would like to hire into the workforce. To do this I want to instill the importance of superior work ethic and dependability into the students that I teach. Also make them in to the best welders that they can be. When they are done with the program, I want them to be familiar with the newest technology, and be able to use that to become the best welders and employees in the industry. Last I want to be able to be part of not only finding the students jobs in the field, but careers.

How do you inspire your students to learn? I was a rig worker (Welder) in Earth City, Missouri for 15 years at Central Mine Equipment. For 12 of them years I was a Lead Man and ran crews of men in the fabricating and repair of CME drill rigs.


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