COVID-19 Updates

Positive confirmation for COVID19 at Kaskaskia College

July 20, 2020

KC Family and Student Body,

Please see attached memo bellow regarding a positive confirmation for COVID19 at Kaskaskia College.  The individual is at home resting in self-isolation.  Personnel at the College are now in the notification process of those who may have come into contact with this individual.  Please note, that given the size and scope of KC, we have anticipated and are prepared for dealing with positive cases on campus.  We are organized and are aggressively working the issue.  The appropriate measures have been taken to clean and disinfect the areas identified.

We will continue to monitor the situation, as there are no other reported cases at this time.  We are very confident in our mitigation and preventative measures.  We encourage all members of the Kaskaskia College family to take this issue seriously by complying with the precautionary measures that are in place.  Please continue to practice social distancing to promote the health and well-being of all by wearing face coverings.  For further information, please continue to follow updates posted here:  If you have any COVID19 specific questions, please email them to

I encourage you all to be diligent in your safety and to Trust Us with keeping you safe in these trying times.  This will pass and we will prevail.  #WeAreKC

Take Care- George

COVID 19 Positive Memo

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