Product Development Engineer

Job Description

The Product Development Engineer will work closely with the product management team to develop and industrialize new products as well as maintain and improve existing products.

Duties included in this process:

- benchmark/analyze competitor tires

- collect static/dynamic data on experimental and competitor tires through test lab

- coordinate track testing and evaluation of products

- investigate new materials/technologies to improve product performance

- work with manufacturing to find ways to redice costs, complexit, and scrap

- attend race events to interact with customers, collect data, and obtain feedback for further development


Bachelors Degree in Engineering or related technical field


-Tire development experience

- FSAE experience

- Motorsport experience

Salary and Benefits

- Immedicate Benefits

- Paid Time Off

- Tuition and Employee Discounts

- Annual Bonus

- Employer 401(k) Match

- And more benefits that come with working for global industry leader

How to Apply

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