Boeing Wind Tunnel Technician

Job Description

The Boeing Company is looking for a Wind Tunnel Technician to join our team in Berkeley, MO.  The wind tunnel technician works in a small integrated team of engineers and technicians that support the Aero Test capability and the Polysonic Wind Tunnel (PSWT).  The PSWT is a blowdown type wind tunnel wit ha test section size of 4ft by 4ft and has a Mach number range of 0.45 to 5.3.  Boeing Defense Systems is the primary user of this facility, although there are many other types of vehicles tested.  The technician, along with the wind tunnel technician team, is responsible for the operation of the Polysonic Wind Tunnel, including the nozzle control system and tunnel control valves, all while monitoring interlock systems to ensure personal safely.  The safe operation of the wind tunnel is critical and a high level of focus is required.  The operation of the wind tunnel valve pin safety actuation systems and assisting with tunnel configuration changed are also expected tasks. Wind tunnel technician work schedules vary based on program needs and facility requirements.  They support assigned work shifts including non-standard schedules at times, as some PSWT test efforts require extended shifts or multi-shift work.  In addition, the wind tunnel technician will also support external win tunnel needs which require travel.  Travel, roughly 25%, is expected to support these test efforts, which can last several weeks at a time.  The PSWT is one of several laboratory capabilities within the St. Louis campus.  The wind tunnel technician will also support some of these other capabilities, as necessary, based on work load priorities.  Occasionally, assistance in the design and check-out of wind tunnel models is required, and consultation with engineers is necessary to assist during the model design and/of acceptance stages of a project. 


This position is 100% onsite

Must be able US Citizen

Control systems and data acquisition experience


1 or more years related work experience

Associates Degree or Higher

Experience in wind tunnel testing

Ability to work with small parts

Salary and Benefits

This position is for 1st Shift

Salary Range: $39,100-$64,400

How to Apply

Please contact Kelsey Tate at with name, e-mail, and phone number.

About the Employer

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