Applebee's Expediter

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordination and consolidation for all outgoing food items from the kitchen assuring high standards of plate presentation and food quality.

Specific Functions and Duties:

  • Receive all incoming food orders.
  • Clock in tickets and assure ticket cook times meet or exceed our standards.
  • Communicate between the service staff and kitchen staff.
  • Complete all plate presentations per the recipe/plate presentation specifications.
  • Pass a final quality check on the food for plate presentation, temperature, garnish and time.
  • Coordinate food delivery with food runners.
  • Set up expediter station, keeping it clean, organized and stocked throughout the shift.



Qualification Standards:

  • Mobility required during the entire shift.
  • Reading, writing, basic math, and verbal communication skills required.
  • Ability to wipe down shelves, pick debris up off the floor, and wipe down counters.
  • Able to respond in emergency situations to avoid imminent danger to self and others.


  • Must be able to stand and exert fast-paced mobility for up to four (4) hours in length.
  • Must be able to speak clearly and listen attentively to employees and dining room staff.
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time and move from area to area in the kitchen.
  • Must have good sense of balance, be able to bend and kneel, and have the ability to lift bus pans and trays frequently weighing up to 25 pounds.


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