Finite Mathematics

Course Overview

Course Code: MATH-143

Department: Mathematics

Credit Hours: 3.00

Illinois Articulation Initiative Number: IAI M1 906

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

Emphasis is on concepts and applications, rather than mathematical structures (designed especially for students in business, economics, Social Sciences and Life Sciences, with applications drawn from these fields). Includes such topics as: vectors, determinants, matrices, and matrix algebra; systems of linear equations and matrices; systems of inequalities and linear programming; simplex method, set theory, logic and Boolean algebra; counting and probability theory; stochastic processes; game theory; Markov chain methods; mathematical modeling; and the mathematics of finance. Prerequisite: Math placement at MATH 143; or completion of MATH 134 or higher with a grade of C or better. Refer to placement chart in college catalog for detailed information.

Course Schedule


Term: Spring 2023

Section Name: MATH-143-MC01D

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 15

Faculty Name: J. Palm

Min Credits: 3.00


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