Ultrasound Anatomy I

Course Overview

Course Code: DGMS-243

Department: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Credit Hours: 5.00

Textbook Information: Bookstore website

This course introduces the student to the sonographic anatomy as it relates to the abdomen and pelvis while scanning in different body imaging planes. Normal anatomy and physiology with various diseases or abnormalities affecting the abdominal structures are discussed. Normal anatomy and physiology of the female pelvis are discussed. This course utilizes sonographic terminology as descriptors when discussing normal and abnormal anatomy. This course also reviews the basic patient care environment. Prerequisite: A graduate of an accredited two-year AMA or AMA equivalent allied health education program that is patient care related. Includes but not limited to radiology, nursing, respiratory, and occupational or physical therapy, or Have a bachelor degree with prerequisite coursework, or by the consent of the program director

Course Schedule


Term: 2021FA

Section Name: DGMS-243-BL01D

Location: Main Campus

Available Seats: 11

Faculty Name: C. Hoffmann

Min Credits: 5.00

Comments: This is for accepted DGMS students only. Students will be assigned lab times. BLENDED Classes meet partially on KC'S main campus or education centers and partially online.

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