Learn to Use Your Apple IPad

Course Overview

Course Code: COED-8060

Department: Community Education

Credit Hours: 0.00

This workshop will help students become more familiar with their Apple IPad.

Course Schedule


Term: 2019NSP

Section Name: COED-8060-CR01E

Location: CRISP Center

Available Seats: 8

Faculty Name: N. Farley

Min Credits: 0.00

Comments: Cost is $20.00. Bring charged iPad to class.

Term: 2019NSP

Section Name: COED-8060-GR02E

Location: Greenville

Available Seats: 3

Faculty Name: H. Henson

Min Credits: 0.00

Comments: This class is for iPad and/or iPhone users. Please bring your fully charged Apple device to class. Cost is $10.00.

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