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Associate of Fine Arts in Music

Modes of Instruction

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The Associate in Fine Arts in Music is designed to prepare students for transfer to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program at a senior college or university. Note: Completion of the AFA degree does not fulfill the requirements of the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum. Students who would complete the AFA. degree must complete their general education requirements after they transfer to a four-year college or university.


Program Details


Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • PERFORMANCE SKILLS - All students shall demonstrate growth in musicianship. Performance skills encompass technical skill on an instrument or voice, ability to perform in an ensemble, confidence and stage presence, and aesthetic judgment. 
  • BASIC MUSICIANSHIP - Students shall demonstrate the ability to hear, analyze, read, and write music. 
  • KNOWLEDGE OF LITERATURE - Students shall identify, interpret, compare and contrast historical periods of music and literature. 
  • CROSS-CULTURAL APPRECIATION AND UNDERSTANDING OF DIVERSE MUSICAL TRADITIONS - Students shall formulate and display understanding of diverse musical traditions through written and oral communication. 
  • A KNOWLEDGE OF MUSIC SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE - Students shall identify, analyze, and solve problems specific to music technology and acquire technical skills necessary for artistic self-expression with technology. Students will create compositions and improvisations utilizing technology, and gain and understanding of historical development leading to the current state of technology.

Music Faculty

Cody Paul

Cody Paul

Assistant Professor Music
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