Horticulture Technician

Career & Technical Certificate

Modes of Instruction

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The Horticulture Certificate Program at Kaskaskia College is designed to develop the skills and understanding needed for graduates to take responsible positions in grounds maintenance, tree and shrub nurseries, wholesale plant growing, landscaping, garden centers and retail greenhouses, golf courses, lawn care, and parks/recreation departments. You will learn the science and art of horticulture through a combination of classroom, laboratory practice and on-the job training.

Persons interested in Horticulture should possess:

  • A love of working with plants
  • An interest in observing the growth process


What You Can Do

Upon successful completion of this certificate students will be prepared for employment in the following fields:

  • grounds maintenance
  • tree and shrub nurseries attendant
  • wholesale plant growing
  • landscaper
  • salesperson at garden centers and retail greenhouses
  • grounds keeper at golf courses, or parks/recreation departments

Program Details


Agriculture Faculty

Aaron Heinzmann

Aaron Heinzmann

Assistant Professor of Agriculture
William Waggoner

William Waggoner

Assistant Professor of Agriculture

Agriculture Contacts

Aaron Heinzmann

Assistant Professor of Agriculture

Phone  |  618-545-3381

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