Campus Construction Update

September 11, 2023

Welcome, KC Students!  

We are so excited to see you for the Fall 2023 semester! Over the summer, we've been hard at work, making lots of improvements to the campus. If you're taking classes on the main campus, you'll notice some areas that have been completely renovated and some that are still under construction. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to navigate campus, so here are some important things to know: 

Main Campus Parking 

Currently, the Northwest Parking Lot (the lot in front of the Nursing Building) is being renovated. 

Please note:

  • All college traffic entering campus from Shattuc Road should use the Keister Drive south entrance. Keister Drive/College Road north entrances will be closed.
  • The South Central Transit bus stop will be located at the corner of the Kaskaskia College Veteran’s Tribute and Keister Drive.
  • Handicap parking for the nursing staff and students will be available in the parking lot closest to the nursing building.
  • Additional handicapped parking (8 spots) will be located in the small lot directly west of the PC building.
  • The small lot directly west of the PC building will be used for Children’s Learning Center drop-off and pick-up (designated signage will be stationed in this area).
  • Reserved faculty and employee parking will not be available until sign installation is completed by the end of the month.
  • There will be no access to electric charging stations during the renovation period of the north lot (approximately three months).

Student parking will be available in several locations, including the: 

  • Southwest Lot (in front of HB Building) 
  • Agriculture (AEC) Building Parking Lot 
  • East Parking Lot (behind the Gymnasium) 
  • VA/ST Annex Lot (behind the Vocational Arts (VA) building) 

If you need parking assistance, please get in touch with Security at 618-545-3199. Shuttle services provided by Public Safety will continue to provide assistance to and from parking lots as needed. 

Navigating Campus 

If you're trying to get around via the campus buildings, keep in mind that the first floor of the Administrative (AD) Building will be closed for most of the fall semester.  

Access to ST & AD Buildings 

Students may use the 2nd Floor catwalk between the Library (L) Building and the Administration Building (AD) to access the 2nd Floor AD Hallway to reach the Science & Technology (ST) stairwells/elevator to get down to the 1st Floor ST science labs and classrooms. The rear entrance of ST (sliding doors) will also be open to access these 1st Floor ST science labs and classrooms. The other ST hallway leading past Automotive Technology and on to Information Technology and offices will remain under construction.  

The 2nd Floor of the Health and Business (HB) Building and the 2nd Floor of the Library (L) Building may be accessed via stairwells in the Health and Business (HB) Building or the stairwells near the ACE (library). Elevators are open at the front of HB and near the rear entrance of L.   

Student Patio 

The Student Patio is located outdoors next to the Student Center Cafeteria. Please use the doors inside the cafeteria to enter and exit the patio until construction on the entrance is completed.  


The KC Bookstore remains in its temporary location within the Student Center until Thursday, September 14, and is open and operating as usual. The Bookstore will be closed on Friday, September 15, for an equipment move. On Monday, September 18, the Bookstore will reopen in its original place - HB Hallway. 

Finally, if you need help navigating campus, don't hesitate to ask for assistance!  We're all here to ensure you have a safe and productive semester. We can't wait to see you soon! 

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