Brandon Richter Is Named Kaskaskia College Full-Time Staff Member of the Year

May 30, 2019

Brandon Richter

Pictured is Johnny Matthews, Chief Information Officer for Kaskaskia College and Brandon Richter.

Kaskaskia College is proud to announce that Brandon Richter of Breese has been named one of the two 2019 Full-Time Staff Members of the Year.

Richter, the Network Manager for the College has been a member of the KC family for 15 years.  His nominator, Johnny Matthews says, “Brandon has a ‘get it done’ attitude. He works well with those around him. He listens to ideas and is not one to force his opinions on others, rather seeing their input as valuable.  He is always willing to go the extra mile to do his job and to be helpful to those around him. He also is willing to flex his schedule to work late nights to cause less interruption to others in the institution.”

Brandon has shown great leadership by setting an example for others in the IT department. When tough issues have risen he is quick to respond and works until the job is done!  He understands how his position affects the institution and how it supports the work we are doing. By doing his job and doing it well he helps maintain the technological foundation of the institution and by this, supports most of the activities that go on here.

Brandon has been committed to the work of Kaskaskia College for many years doing extraordinary work in the field of IT above and beyond expectations. He continues to work hard at the behest of Kaskaskia College and is a role model for those around him of job knowledge, commitment and attitude.

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