Rebecca McElhose

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Rebecca McElhose
Main Campus
Nursing, N 112

Year Hired

Associate Degree in Nursing 2009
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2013
Master of Science in Nursing 2015

Kaskaskia College 2018 Horizon Award Winner

Student Organizations
Alpha Delta Nu Advisor

What are your goals as a teacher at Kaskaskia College? To inspire my students to be the best nurse and person they can be. I would also like to be as proficient as an instructor can be so that I give my students the best possible education.

What did you do before you began teaching at Kaskaskia College? Before I became a nurse I was a restaurant manager. Working with a variety of people really helped me in my next career of being a nurse. I came to Centralia and Kaskaskia College to pursue my nursing career. After I graduated from KC, I went to Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon and worked in 3-Central which was the urology, oncology, and surgical unit. When we moved into the new hospital I transferred to the 3200 which is the Cardiac-Step Down Unit. I still work there as a prn nurse.

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