Eric Jones

Assistant Professor of Respiratory Therapy

Eric Jones
Main Campus
Health and Professional Careers, PC 141

Year Hired

Bachelor of Science in Health Administration

Professional Affiliations
American Association for Respiratory Care
Illinois Society for Respiratory Care

What are your goals as a teacher at Kaskaskia College? As a teacher at Kaskaskia College, my goal is simply to help my students become successful. Since I teach in a special admit program, I see many of the same students semester after semester. This gives me an excellent opportunity to get to know my students on a more personal level. I form hopes and dreams for them just as I would for one of my own family members. Additionally, I know their learning style better and can adapt my teaching methods to what works best for them. This allows me to unlock the potential that each and every one of them have.

How do you inspire your students to learn? I am very passionate about the field of respiratory therapy. I feel that it is not only a therapist’s job to provide the very best care for his or her patient, it is their duty. This translates over into my classroom, my labs, and my clinicals with enthusiasm and accountability.

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