Kaskaskia College Foundation Director LuAlice Holland Kampwerth

July 20, 2020

LuAlice Holland Meet Kaskaskia College Foundation Director LuAlice Holland Kampwerth…
Let’s get to know LuAlice:
• Resides in Carlyle
• Married to Kevin
• Daughter, Whitney Luebbers (Whitney also serves on the Foundation Board)
• Foundation Board Secretary
• KC Graduate
• Media specialist at Carlyle Jr. High School
• Loves traveling, sewing, landscaping, and going to flea markets
Fun Fact: When LuAlice attended KC, she majored in Accounting. After visiting Greenville College, she was so impressed with their education department that she decided to switch her plans and major in education.
We asked LuAlice who she would have lunch with if she could dine with anyone living or deceased? LuAlice’s answer...
“My mom and dad. I would love to share with them all of the things my family has accomplished through the years and photos of my daughter growing up. I also want to thank them for doing a wonderful job of parenting me. They passed away when I was 23 years old.”
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