COVID-19 Updates

Updating the College website as related to the COVID19 positives at Kaskaskia College

August 26, 2020

KC Family and Student Body,

This afternoon, we will updating the College website as related to the COVID19 positives at Kaskaskia College here:


Please note:  of the positive cases that have been confirmed - those who have been in direct contact with confirmed positive cases have already been notified by campus officials.   The appropriate measures have been taken to clean and disinfect all areas identified, as well as we continue to disinfect all areas in between classes daily.  Please also note, that given the size and scope of KC, we have anticipated and are prepared for dealing with positive cases on campus.  As the positive numbers increase in parts of the KC district, there will be more positive cases in the coming weeks; however, we are prepared and we will continue to enforce the designated requirements to keep all of us safe.

It very important to recognize that of the positive cases reported to the College – NONE have been identified as contacting the virus at KC.  Let’s all continue to work together and be very diligent in our efforts to keep this position on-going.

Please continue to take the identified safeguards very seriously and comply with the precautionary measures that are in place.  Please continue to practice social distancing, wear your face coverings and complete the mandatory daily screenings.  It is essential that our staff and student bodies adhere to the regulations as set forth and use common sense and their best judgement in assisting us in mitigating this virus.   For further information, please continue to follow updates posted here:  If you have any COVID19 specific questions, please email them to

I wish to thank you again for Trusting Us to keep you safe in these trying times.  This will pass and we will prevail.  #WeAreKC 

Take Care- George

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