Youth Outreach Worker

Job Description

- Referrals: Spend most of your time in the field providing support, resources and referrals to your who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19.

- Outreach: Maintain regular contact with agencies offering relevant COVID-19 vaccination support and education services

- Reporting: Document interactions with clients to monitor and evaluate the success of the grant program

- Safety: Use safety principles which model risk reduction



- High School Diploma or GED

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills and open, friendly, accommodating attitude

- Working knowledge of COVID-19 transmission and risk reduction strategies

- Compassionate, mature and responsible attitude to work with clients who have anxieties 

- Friendly personality and ability to work under pressure

- Time-management skills

- Ability to adapt to the type of client being served.


- Two years of experience in a related position within the social services sector

- Knowledge of psychosocial and medical support resources in Southern Illinois

- Knowledge in hard reduction principles and trauma informed care

- Willingness to attend training to gain case investigation and contact tracing training

Salary and Benefits

$20.00 per hours, 10 to 15 hours per week

-Flexible Schedule

-Meal Allowance

-Travel Reimbursement

How to Apply

Contact Rev. James Gordon, 618-242-4077

Send Resume to: PO Box 725, Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

About the Employer

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