Sexual Assault Therapist/Counselor

Job Description

The Sexual Assault Therapist is responsible for the provision and coordination of therapy services to individuals, significant others and groups in assigned area of employment with flexibility at times.  The Therapist will maintain and adhere to the Service Standards approved by the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA) regarding confidentiality, personal rights, and non-discrimination.  All services will be client-centered, and all record-keeping will be timely, secured at all times and available to the client upon request.


Provides initial assessment, develop a treatment plan and provide direct services to victims or significant others in coordination with the Sexual Assault Therapy guidelines.

Provide counseling and consultation to victims or significant others as directed b the treatment plan and consented by the client.

Review service plans with clinical supervision and with client or parent every 180 days

Maintain accurate and current files as per ICASA service standards

Ensure clients are receiving all necessary services pertaining to treatment needs by providing information and referral to other available community services

Co-facilitate groups for Sexual Assault Survivors or Child Victims

Maintain certification through a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education annually

Participate in organizational public awareness programs, promotions, and social justice activism

Attend all scheduled staff meetings and assist with fundraising and awareness events

Maintain individual staff calendar and update as needed, including, but not limited to: regular activities, travel time, schedule changes, vacation and health-related time off

Salary and Benefits

-Master's Degree in Social Work or Counseling with ability to become licensed preferred; Current enrolled in Master's program will be considered

-Minimum of one year experience in the field with 2-3 years' experience preferred

-Experience in sexual assault therapy preferred

-Complete ICASA 40-hour training, including confidentiality training

-Complete ICASA 60-hour child counselor training

-Complete ICASA 20-hour adult counselor training

-Strong verbal, listening, writing and computer skills

-Ability to use personal vehicle for agency travel

- Read, understand and adhere to policies and procedures as stated in the Employee Handbook

How to Apply

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