Job Description

Primary Responsibilities

1.       Performs assigned routine tests on materials, goods in process, or finished goods where results are compared with company quality standards.  Reports results to line mechanic or supervisor who will make an analysis and take necessary action. 

2.       Inspects visually for obvious defects.

3.       Performs detailed visual inspection when necessary to determine quality of product where limits are not clearly defined.  Removes defective product and places acceptable product on line.

4.       Notifies line mechanics or supervisor when inspection data exceeds acceptable limits or when major incidents of poor quality are noted.

5.       Records results on inspection forms or charts and reports number of defects found.  Posts and maintains forms and charts of inspection data, quality levels, or special quality studies.

6.       Makes recommendation on disposition of questionable product to supervisor.

General Responsibilities

1.       Excellent attendance is required.

2.       Keep work areas clean and orderly.

3.       Attend and participate in staff meetings as required by the Plant Manager.

4.       Ensure all quality records for the facility are accurately maintained.

5.       Ensure product and samples that have been tested for Q.A. inspection stations have been removed.

6.       Set a positive example for co-workers in work ethics, language, communication, and appearance.

1.       Work over or come in early on other shifts to fill in for vacations and absences. Come in at minimum of fifteen minutes before start of shift and stay after shift to communicate and finish all shifts paperwork.



1.       Monitor production run for adherence to quality standards.

2.       Monitor scrap.  Notify mechanics or supervisor of any noted mechanical problems causing scrap.  Justify any scrap amounts over 3% per pass.

3.       Confirm the correctness of any aspect of a production run.


1.       Maintain a professional, calm attitude when dealing with any employee.

2.       Communicate between shift Q.A. Inspectors any notable quality problems, concerns, or changes in directives. Come in at minimum of fifteen minutes before start of shift and stay after shift to communicate and finish all shifts paperwork.

3.       Display positive, constructive guidance to co-workers to ensure quality concerns are being adhered to and /or corrected.

4.       Be consistent.  Do not show favoritism.


1.        Maintain a safe working environment.  Set a positive example by following plant safety rules and policies.  Monitor the machines and the workplace for safety hazards.

2.       Notify shift supervisor, Q.A. Supervisor, and Human Resources of any safety violations or hazards.


Physical Requirements

1.       Must be able to stand for at least eight (8) hours.

2.       Must have good manual dexterity and preciseness required to operate gauges and equipment.

3.       Must have good vision either with or without optical lenses.  Cannot be color blind.

4.       Considerable mental and visual effort required.  Must be detail oriented.

5.       Must be able to lift at least fifty-five (55) pounds from the floor to a height of five (5) feet.  No movement restrictions that limit ability to perform job requirements. 

Must be able to work over on other shifts to fill in for vacations and absences. Come in at minimum of fifteen minutes before

Job Knowledge and Education

1.       Must be able to read, write, have good basic math skills, and able to read a ruler.

2.       Must have high school or equivalent education.

3.       Must be able to effectively communicate both oral and written in a professional manner. 

4.       Experience as a packer, with inks, and screening preferred.

5.       Must be willing to participate in work-related training as directed and needed for continuous growth.

6.       Must know and understand quality standards.

7.       Must be able to read a typical spec sheet within 90 days.

8.       Must meet minimum standards on quality testing.

How to Apply

Contact Tracy Shumate at tshumate@bbnlabelandscreen.com

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