Early Childhood Sire Director

Job Description

Duties include overseeing the ISBE Prevention Program and on-site activities, completing child screenings and enrollee application, on-site supervision and support to staff, ensuring compliance with DCFS day care licensing standards and management of the Child Care Assistance Program.


Associates degree in child development or early childhood education or equivalent (defines as 64 semester hours in any discipline with a minimum of 21 semester hours of college credit in child development, early childhood education or early childhood special education) and Gateways to Opportunity Level I Illinois Director Credential or 3 semester hours of college credit in administration, leadership, or management.  Experience in licensed day care center management required.

Salary and Benefits

Effingham Location

Full-year position

40 hours/week M-F

How to Apply

Send employment application and proof of education to:

C.E.F.S. Personnel Department

1805 S Banker St

PO Box 928

Effingham, IL 62401

Applications can be downloaded at https://www.cefseoc.org

About the Employer

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