Boeing Assembly Mechanic

Job Description

Assemble precision assemblies, set up and operate ream fixtures to drill, ream, countersink, spot face, hone and core for mating major assemblies

Setup and operate shot peen equipment and accessories for stress relieving assemblies as required 

Install press fit bushings and force fit bushings,  File, fit, hone, ream, drill, tap, saw, burr and adjust

Assemble a variety of production aircraft and spacecraft parts and install aircraft equipment, support equipment or power plan equipment.

Install, operationally check out, adjust, rig and pressure check systems

Preform bench and assembly line operational check out, troubleshooting, repair and adjustment or electrical systems, lighting circuits, missile launch racks, etc

Install wire bundles or other electrical and electronic components in aircraft, power plants or ground support equipment



Assembly Experience

Experience with sheet metal, assemblies, drilling, countersinking, riveting and fastner installation


Aircraft assembly experience

Salary and Benefits

$20-$42.86 per hour

How to Apply

Email with phone number, email address and name

About the Employer

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